Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Dhaka Staff is committed to protecting the visitor personal information when a visitor visiting Dhaka Staff website. Dhaka Staff provide some privacy policy when a visitor or reader visits-
a) Directly Dhaka Staff website. 
b) Through social media or website.
Generally, Dhaka Staff collects visitor information to offer better services of it. Such information may include a visitor name, address, phone number, email address, age, social network accounts, etc.
The part of the human organization of Dhaka Staff needs to collect information of a visitor to offer services. If a visitor provides his or her information to Dhaka Staff, we ensure him or her to feel 100% secure.

The system of collecting information:

Dhaka Staff collects information of a visitor in several ways such as-
a) Registering to Dhaka Staff website
b) Dropping CV to Dhaka Staff in the job sector.
c) Application for a job via email.
d) Sending CV via email.
e) Responding to a survey or participating in a competition. 

Surety of collected data:

Dhaka Staff ensures 100% security of your information. Dhaka Staff does not sell your information or any other info.
Dhaka Staff uses your personal information to offer you a better services purpose. You can be highly ensured about your information if you provide to Dhaka Staff. Dhaka Staff does not provide your information to a service provider, affiliate companies, consultant or advisors.


The advertisement companies associated with Dhaka Staff may collect your data or information. These are generally known as third-party companies. If any third-party company record your information as cookies or you register to those websites Dhaka Staff shall bear no responsibility. Dhaka Staff Shall not accept any liability that may arise as a result of any content of any advertisement that may appear on the Dhaka Staff website. 

How strong our privacy protection:

Dhaka Staff uses a reliable CDN to protect its website and users from hackers so that an audience provided information is fully safe from hackers. We have a cybersecurity specialist to protect visitors data. Our reliable worker keeps your data or information safe. We use a reliable hosting so that it is safe from theft. 

Governing Law:

For ensuring the privacy policy, Dhaka Staff follows the law of Bangladesh Government ICT act. We know privacy of a visitor is a major issue so that we have a confirmation message to our readers and visitors that we have 100% security protection of a visitor who provides his or her information to us.

Third-Party privacy policy:

If a third-party website provides our URL or contents to its website so that reader and visitor redirect to Dhaka Staff or not, the information of user provided to a third-party website then Dhaka Staff shall bear no responsibility if any trouble happens in those third-party websites.