Dhaka Staff is an online news media and humanitarian organizations. Since the beginning of the year 2019, it has been offering different services.
Initially, when it started off, it used to be just as a media source. The types of news were: current news, sports news, opinions, etc.

Dhaka staff generally promote reliable news. The Dhaka staff does not bow down to any power. It is currently publishing news of the country as well as international news. The kind of news that is currently in circulation, ongoing news, sports news, opinions, national news, international news, etc. Gradually the Dhaka staff are making a place in the mind of the people.

As the day goes on, the Dhaka staff is expanding as much. Presently, it is working on eliminating unemployment in Bangladesh as well as humanitarian work. Students are encouraged to take higher education through scholarship services. It offers a variety of scholarships. By avoiding any complex approach, the school is providing fast scholarship services.

Dhaka staff took special measures to eradicate the problem. So far, the Dhaka staff has arranged for some families with small loans. Employment will be provided to poor people through future training. Besides, the Dhaka staff has provided employment to the unemployed by publishing employment notice in their web portal.

Dhaka staff is bounded by the responsibility of the Bangladeshi community.