Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We welcome guests and perusers to our terms and conditions for using the services of Dhaka Staff. Anyone can access our contents and services via www.dhakastaff.com. By using our services, visitors accept our "Terms And Conditions" of use as well as our privacy policy.
If anyone has different opinion or reservations of this term and conditions, she or he may send us an email via [email protected].
By the way, Dhaka Staff reserves all right to reject or accept any such opinion.
Dhaka Staff is strongly abode with few terms and conditions below. Visitors are requested to read all of our terms and conditions deeply. 
These terms and conditions are applicable for any contents published on this website. 

1. Dhaka Staff Website:

Dhaka staff website is made available for news, contents, public opinions and some human work purpose only. Visitors of this website can read, take services and research but strongly prohibited to sell the content of this website to others.

2. Property Right:

Any kind of contents, services, audio and videos which are published on this website are reserved by Dhaka Staff. All services are the intellectual property of Dhaka Staff.
A visitor has no right to claim our services for commercial use or non-commercial. Readers are also prevented for making any editing work from the content of Dhaka Staff.

3. Content Withdrawal:

Dhaka Staff can delete or withdraw any content at any time from its website. If its need to withdraw or delete any contents or services Dhaka Staff does not send any messages to the visitor. This might happen when Dhaka Staff are taken down.

4. Unauthorized Activities:

The visitor is specifically required not to associate Dhaka Staff with any political party, racism, sexism or otherwise breaking down its reputation. The visitors have strictly prohibited to harassment anyone in the comment box. If anyone tries to make a personal attack she or he must be prohibited. Defaming Dhaka Staff by commenting also prohibited. 

5. Copyright Awareness:

All contents of this website are reserved by Dhaka Staff. Visitors are permitted to sharing contents of this website with attributed credit to Dhaka Staff. Sharing any contents without attributing the credit and name to Dhaka Staff are strongly prohibited. Visitors must not take any credit from the content generated by Dhaka Staff. 

6. Third-Party Contents:

Third party contents are those which are not published or generated by Dhaka Staff. Dhaka Staff does not bear any responsibility or liability for any third-party contents.

7. Use of Cookies:

Dhaka Staff does not collect any visitors data based on cookies. If a third-party associated with Dhaka Staff collects your data, Dhaka Staff does not control the use of these cookies. If you are interested to know more about those cookies then you have to communicate with them.

8. Governing Law:

Dhaka Staff strongly obeys the law of Bangladesh Government. 

9. Link to other websites:

Dhaka Staff generally does not link any other website URL to its contents. If it does then it will not bear any responsibility for those URL.