Education Board Result 2019 || HSC and Admission Test date 2019

Education Board Result 2019 || HSC and Admission Test date 2019
Hey Dears, You all have finished your HSC examination a few days ago. Now you are hoping when the result is going to be out, Right? Okay, I am going to ensure you that in two months from the last exam you did the result will come out. Maybe, you are hoping the exact date in which the result will publish. Am I right? Okay, you will get your answer maximum in two minutes so keep continue the reading.

HSC Exam 2019

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Examination 2019 started from 1st April 2019 and it continued to 14th May (Written). The practical exam started from 13th May till 23th May. It is near about 1.3 million students sat on the test. The examination was held by eight General Education Boards, a Madrasah Education Board, and a Technical Education Board. There are about 13,51,505 students tested by this examination. After beginning the examination, the routine was rescheduled. 

HSC Result 2019 Published Date:

Hey, you know that the exam has ended on 14th May. I have provided you the information that generally, the result publish after a certain period. The period is 2 months to 3 months but Bangladesh Government tries to publish the result in 2 months so far. According to the probable date, the result may be published in the last week of July or it can be the first week of August. As it can be slightly changeable but I am going to ensure that the last day of the result published will maximum on 10th August.

How to get HSC Result

There are several ways to get the result. You can get your result through the internet or mobile SMS or notice board in your school. Nowadays, as students are digitalization so that I don’t expect you will go to your school to take your result so far. I am going to show you two methods by which you can see your result easily in a minute or less. One of the methods is through the internet and another is through SMS.

SMS Method:

In this method, you need a cell phone as well obviously 2.30tk. The Operator will charge you this amount for their service. This method is very easy to operate. First, you need to go your messaging app then type: 

HSC/Alim<space>first 3 letters of your board<space>Roll<space>year

After writing this statement you have to send it to 16222. I am going to provide a little information that the first three letters will be:

Dhaka Board: DHA
Chittagong Board: CHI
Cumilla Board: CUM
Rajshahi Board: RAJ
Dinajpur Board: DIN
Barishal Board: BAR
Jessore Board: JES
Sylhet Board: SYL
Madrasah Board: MAD
And, Technical Board: TEC

Let’s start to see the final look of the statement. If a candidate tested from Viqarunnesa Noon School and College as well her roll number is 123456 the statement will be: 

HSC DHA 123456 2019

And this statement will send to 16222. After sometimes, a message will be replied with your result.

Internet Method:

It is the easiest way to get the result without any cost but you must need a computer with an internet connection. If you have this then first you have to go to the Education Board Result website. I have provided the web link on above colored line or individually you can copy paste it to your browser: 

After surfing this web page you will look a page like a bellow:

In this page, you must fill up the desired option and finally, you have to click on submit button. It is done. Wait for some time to display your result.

Result with mark sheet:

Normally, the result published at near 2:00pm. When Education Board starts publishing result it shows only the grade point. After a certain period, it published with the mark sheet as well the number you got. This time can be after 5:00 pm or slightly changeable. It is due to the extreme pressure on the server from we see our result. To see your mark, you must need to provide your registration number.
By the way, if you want to see your result with mark sheet then you have to try after a certain period which can be two or three hours so far.

Admission Test Date 2019:

You all who tested well are going to sit on admission test. I believe you all have heard this term “Admission Test”. Now many of my dears like you are wishing to know when the admission test will begin. Okay, It is not quite impossible to guess when the admission test will exactly begin. According to the last session of Dhaka University Admission Test, It was seen that after one month of publishing the HSC result it took the test. So I am going to ensure that the admission test of Dhaka University will be held in September. It can be first or mid-week. The chance of mid-week has a higher possibility.
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) take the test after a certain week or days after Dhaka University. So that it can be September last week or first week of October.
Medical College Admission Test will be held after some days or two or one weeks later from the BUET Test. So, it can be on the mid-week of October so far.
Any others University will take this admission test from October to December.

Board Challenge System:

If you want to recheck your answer script due to unexpected result then you have to send a message requesting recheck your paper. To send a message, it must need a Teletalk SIM. If you don’t have this SIM you can send a message from anyone or from a shop whose have this.

How to send?

Go to your messaging application then type: 

RSC<space>First three letters of your Board <Space> your Roll number <space> Subject code


RSC DHA 123456 101

Then you have to send it to 16222

After a moment a message will be sent to your phone to consent with a PIN. If you are agree then you have resent a message with the keyword bellow-

RSC<space>YES<space>PIN number<space>your contact number


RSC YES 1234 01723XXXXXX

Then send it to 16222

This is applicable from the day of result published to 7 days. 125BDT will be charged if you want to recheck or challenge board.

Have a great result dear. Thank you.

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