PAK Vs IND Team Strength Comparison for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

PAK Vs IND Team Strength Comparison for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019
The biggest cricket tournament ICC World Cup 2019 is knocking the doors. On 30th May, this tournament will start in England. Almost all team which are participating have announced their team squad. How are the teams? Which team is the strongest for this tournament? These are common questions for the cricket lovers. Lets distinguished team strength between India Cricket Team and Pakistan Cricket!

The next post will contain the cricket power among India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. So stay with us.

India Vs Pakistan:

India has announced their cricket squad list with 15 players where there are several big names are kept. Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni to Shikhar Dhawan as well Jusprit Bumrah so far. On the contrary Pakistan Cricket team also has announced their team listing 15 cricketers with some biggest names. As Pakistan has not selected Mohammad Amir in the squad but the selected team is enough strong for this tournament.

India's Virat Kohli, Pakistan has Babar Azam

In present cricket world, Virat Kohli is the most average run-rated player (Average Run: 59.58). In a single word, he is one of the most experienced and highest run collector cricketer. He can run for the team match to matches without any doubt. On the other hand, Pakistan has Babar Azam who is one of the most run collector as well dependable batsman of Pakistan. In the last two series of Pakistan, Babar Azam did well for Pakistan Cricket team. In this competition between Virat and Babar Azam, India will get 70% lead whereas Pakistan has 30%.

Rohit Sharma Vs Fakhar Zaman

The biggest hard hitter batsman of India is Rohit Sharma who scored the highest 264 runs in an innings. The owner of 41 Half Centuries and 22 Centuries, Rohit Sharma can make India Champion once again. The average run rate of Rohit Sharma is 47.4. On the Contrary, Fakhar Zaman is one of the biggest name of Pakistan Cricket. He is leading Pakistan Cricket to go up on the hill. Fakhar Zaman scored total 1442 runs in 31 matches. Average run rate is 53.41 and he has 9 fifties and 3 hundreds as well. 
Rohit and Babar will play 60-40 key of those two nation

MS Dhoni vs Sarfaraz Ahmed

The Indian Mr. Cool and most senior cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the most dependable batsman and experienced cricketer in this tournament. In his 341 matches, he scored 10500 runs and highest 183. The average run rate is 50.72. He has 71 fifties as well as 10 centuries.
On the other hand, Sarfaraz Ahmed is one of the most senior player of Pakistan right now. He has played 101 matches and took 1942 runs. Sarfaraz Ahmed has the highest score 105 runs and 9 fifties and 2 hundreds so far.

Dhoni and Sarfaraz will make 65-35 advantage in CWC19 

Shikhar Dhawan vs Imam-Ul-Haq

Shikhar Dhawan is one of the icon player of India Cricket. He is known as silent power of cricket India. He has scored total 5355 runs in his 128 career matches. Highest run is 143 and he picked 27 fifties and 16 hundreds. On the other hand, Imam-Ul-Haq is known as Pakistani Icon. He is continuously scoring one after another matches without any tiredness. In just 24 matches he scored 1153 runs whereas 5 fifties and 5 centuries! Imam-Ul-Haq is one of the game changer player in Pakistan cricket. The average run rate of Imam is 52.41 so that it can trigger India anytime.

Dhawan and Imam will make 55-45 advantage for their own team

Jasprit Bumrah Vs Hasan Ali

The bowling line is much comparable between India and Pakistan. Jusprit Bumrah is the main weapon of India's bowling site. Jusprit Bumrah has taken 85 wickets in just his 49 matches. His average bowling figure is 22.25 and best bowling in an innings (BBI) is 5/27. He took 4 wickets in 4 matches and 5 wickets in a single. On the other hand, Hasan Ali is the new invent of Pakistan Cricket. He has played 44 matches and taken 77 wickets so far. Average 24.18 and has 4 wickets in a match as well as 5 wickets for the three times. Best bowling in an innings is 5/34 so that it is near to Jusprit Bumrah.
In this bowling line up, India and Pakistan can make 50-50 competition. 

Bhuvneshwar Kumar Vs Juanaid Khan

Bhuve is one of the most experienced and senior cricketer (Bowling Site) of India. He is the key of Indian Bowler. He has played 105 matches and taken 118 wickets whereas 4 wickets for three times and 5 wickets for once. His average is 35.67 and BBI is 5/42. On the other hand, Junaid Khan is one of the leading cricketer of Pakistan. He has played 77 international cricket matches and has taken 108 wickets so far. He has average 28.46 whereas 4 wickets for the four times. BBI of Junaid Khan is 4/12.

Bhuve and Khan will Play 50-50 for the two nation India and Pakistan.

Pakistan Vs India Head to Head in ODI

Pakistan and India are always hot topics in cricket world. In ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, they are going to fight one another. Before the fighting let's know the head to head comparison between India and Pakistan.

First Meeting : 1 October, 1978
Latest Meeting : 23 September, 2018 ( Asia Cup 2018 in Dubai, UAE)
Next Meeting : 16 June, 2019 ( 22th match of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019)
Meeting Total : 131 (Pakistan 73, India 54)

To know all team squad of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 visit : ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Team's Squad || All Countries List

India Vs Pakistan cricket match 2019 will starts from 22th June. Before three months of starting of that match, India Vs Pakistan cricket tickets are completely sold by ICC World Cup authorities. India vs Pakistan cricket fighting is always enjoyable and completely like a game of thrones. Lets enjoy the fighting.

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